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We use the latest Bluetooth technology to send stories direct to your phone when you walk near them. For free and without the need for an app.

Below shows how the stories should appear on your iPhone or an Android handset and how to activate OtherWorld. Once you've done this you'll start picking up stories whenever you walk by them.



The experience



Once set-up, any stories you walk by appear as a silent notification on your phone. When you walk out of range they fall away.




How to activate it



Good news: you only need to do this once!


On Android


1. Make sure Bluetooth and Location are 'on' (for new phones that should be enough)


2. Go to Settings > Google > Nearby. If it's turned 'off', turn it 'on'

All done! Any nearby stories will start appearing in your notifications.

On old Android handsets


1. Switch on Bluetooth

2. Open up Chrome. Click on the 3 dots > Privacy > enable 'Physical Web'

You're set up!


On iPhone



1. Switch on Bluetooth and download Chrome (if you haven't already!)

2. Swipe right on your homescreen to see 'Today' view

3. Click 'edit' and add Chrome, opting in to 'Physical Web'


Hey presto! Stories will appear here whenever your walk by them.




Still got questions?



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