+ What is OtherWorld?

OtherWorld is an exciting new news pilot coming to Manchester in Summer 2017. With Google's support we're trialling a powerful new storytelling concept we’re calling ‘Living Media’ – real-time, location-based stories built for mobile, enabling you to discover the nearest news to you now. We believe it will transform how people experience the world around them and presents a raft of exciting new possibilities for news publishers and local organisations to engage new audiences.

+ How does it work?

OtherWorld uses cutting-edge beacon technology to beam you stories relevant to your current location. So, imagine being fed team news en route to a sports match, information about a public artwork in front of your, reading about an event happening in your local park in a week's time or about the good work of your local charity, or being invited to a consultation on a new building development in your area. The revolutionary part is that this new type of storytelling doesn’t rely on an app to be pre-installed and can work on both iOS and Android phones.

+ Where are all the stories?

Our news stories are made for mobile and tied to a particular location. This new way of thinking allows us to challenge a lot of tired industry conventions that neither journalists nor readers like. This includes challenging the predictable format of online news websites and their annoying adverts to the way stories are distributed and discovered. So (for now at least) our stories hidden unless you're standing near them in the real-world.

+ How do I get it?

You need to unlock a couple of settings on your phone (instructions) and switch on Bluetooth. Once you've done that your phone will automatically find OtherWorld stories when you walk near them. We believe this creates a more meaningful media experience and helps you to act on the stories you read.

+ Where can I find it?

We're just announced our first locations (see the map). These include Manchester's Northern Quarter, Spinningfields, Oxford Road, Piccadilly Gardens, Albert Square and St Ann's Square.

+ When is it happening?

We're launching in late July 2017. However, you can get a sneak peek of OtherWorld at Manchester International Festival.

+ What stories will you be telling?

All sorts. We want to cover Manchester in all its glory. Alongside news, sports and culture, we're particularly interested in giving a voice to those who need it most, be they independent businesses or creatives, good causes and communities, arts and cultural events, and everything in-between.

+ I have a story. Can you tell it?

We'd love to hear from anybody with an interestng story to tell. It's easy to submit a story.

+ Who is behind all of this?

OtherWorld is made by Manchester-based Like No Other and backed by Google.

+ Why are you doing this?

We want to engage a new generation in their local news and believe cities have a world of stories that are currently untold. Beyond that we love to have a lot of fun with digital storytelling. Whilst we're piloting in Manchester, OtherWorld could impact publishers all around the world.

+ How can I keep up-to-date with the project?

Subscribe to the newsletter, read the project blog and say 'hello' on Twitter.


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