Introducing the news that finds you

We’re excited to reveal our first batch of storytelling locations in Manchester, with more to follow.



Forgetting the technology for a second, the concept behind OtherWorld is relatively simple: For the first time ever, you’ll be able to discover the nearest news to you now.

Walk around Manchester and you’ll receive stories on your mobile based on what’s happened or happening nearby. When you fall out of range those stories will disappear. As you pass another storytelling point, new ones will magically pop up on your phone. We call it fluid news serving fluid communities – stories that change with their audience.

It’s our theory that this news will more relevant than your more traditional, static news because it relates to something you can see or act upon. It’s this concept of next generation news that we’ll be piloting in Manchester very soon.

But where exactly?

Following the announcement of our first 20 content partners, we’re now really pleased to be able to reveal our first batch of pilot locations. They are:

  • Northern Quarter
  • Piccadilly Gardens
  • Oxford Road
  • Albert Square
  • St Ann’s Square
  • Spinningfields
  • St Peter's Square
  • Medieval Quarter

Each area is a unique destination in itself, attracting very different types of people for very different reasons. Not only is that evident at different times of the day but also days of the week. The pilot locations are also key walkways or transport hubs into in the city for many people who might need some inspiration or information about the day ahead. More than anything though, they’re all places and spaces that are home to events, attractions, organisations and communities with something interesting to say and in need of a louder voice.

If you operate in any of these areas – in any shape or form – and would like us to share your stories then please get in touch below. As we're sponsored by Google there’s no charge to getting involved.

We’ll be announcing the other pilot areas and content partners ahead of our launch at the end of July.


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Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant