Inside our collaboration with MIF

Manchester International Festival opens this week sparking 18 exhilarating days of innovative art and music across the city.

Audiences are promised to “expect the unexpected” and we're adding our own surprise to the programme.



This year’s festival opens with an invitation - come to Piccadilly Gardens on Thursday evening and join friends, neighbours and total strangers for this self-portrait of the city.

What Is the City but the People? will showcase Manchester’s diverse citizens in all their glory, raising them high above the crowds on a 100m-long platform.

We’ll be helping the audience to get to know those taking part, beaming their backstories to people’s mobile phones. In the meantime, if you happen to be passing Piccadilly Gardens you’ll be able to pick up more information about the opening event via our beacons. Take these simple steps to activate the stories.

After the opening event you’ll be able to find us trialing OtherWorld in Festival Square (Albert Square) for another week, telling passers-by what’s happening that day and sharing exclusive content to shed new light on key installations.



The trial with MIF17 is ahead of our full launch in late July.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant