Meet our first 20 content partners

OtherWorld is an exciting new news project coming to Manchester in Summer 2017.

Get involved to have your story told like never before...



OtherWorld is a cutting-edge storytelling experiment bringing people real-time, location-based stories straight to their mobile phone (here's how it works). In other words, the nearest news to you now.

Our intention is to open up OtherWorld MCR to anybody with an interesting story to tell. As well as pushing the technological boundaries of local news, it aims to be a democratic voice for a diverse range of perspectives. That includes events local businesses, event organisations and venues, charities and community groups, cultural organisations and arts festivals, lifestyle destinations and landmarks, civic institutions and everything else in-between.

With that in mind we’re pleased to announce our first 20 content partners with lots more in the pipeline. They are:

We'd like you to join us on this adventure. As a content partner we will work with you to tell your story and explore how to get people acting on what they read.

As the pilot is sponsored by Google there’s absolutely no cost to getting involved. There really is no catch.

“Okay, I’m interested. What now?”

We’d love to meet you to discuss it further. Get in touch by filling out the form below.


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Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant