Exhibition: Deities at the bottom of the garden

Deities at the bottom of the garden is a series of twelve miniature worlds, each containing the interior of a different temple or church. From Paganism to Hinduism, Islam to Judaism, Atheism and Shinto the work spans the continents and the faiths, focusing deeply upon the traditions, icons and signs.

The exhibition at Manchester Central Library is the culmination of three years research and development focused on the nature of the obsession of faith, art practice and play.

Manifested in a series of 12 scale modelled garden sheds, the work reduces the usually grand architecture of churches and temples into more private spaces of worship. Viewers are invited to make their own minds up about the question of what it is to have faith, and the differences and similarities between differing belief systems.

The exhibition is free and runs 7 days a week until 23 September 2017.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant