New restaurant backs down over stingray plans

A brand new restaurant and bar has reversed a controversial decision ahead of its opening in the former Avalanche building on Booth Street.

1761 had intended to feature a 18,000 litre fish tank complete with stingrays as a centerpiece to the bar.

Hospitality entrepreneur Phil Healey has since reversed that decision following an outcry on social media.

“Listening to Manchester’s comments across social media we have decided not to have stingrays in our fish tank,” Phil explained. “Even though the tank will be huge and we are confident that it would provide the right amount of space for the rays to thrive – it will have 118,000 litres of water – we don’t wish to upset or offend anyone and can see that there are people who would object. So this was the right choice for us.”

The two-floor venue takes its inspiration from a combination of Manchester’s Industrial Revolution and one of the foremost Champagne-producing families of the last century.

On the first floor will be 1761, a 130-cover restaurant offering a more British cuisine to its Italian neighbours Piccolino and Croma. On the first floor will be Lily’s Bar - an opulent affair, featuring classic champagne cocktails to be enjoyed in front of the giant fish tank in question or in one of the secret drinking dens.

The new restaurant and bar will open their doors to the public on Monday 13 November.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant