Champagne-inspired bar to open on Booth Street

A brand new restaurant and bar is set to open in the former Avalanche building on Booth Street next month.

The two-floor venue takes its inspiration from a combination of Manchester’s Industrial Revolution and one of the foremost Champagne-producing families of the last century.

On the first floor will be 1761, a 130-cover restaurant offering a more British cuisine to its Italian neighbours Piccolino and Croma. On the first floor will be Lily’s Bar - an opulent affair, featuring classic champagne cocktails to be enjoyed in front of a 18,000 litre fish tank or in its secret drinking den.

The brainchild of Phil Healey, he claims it brings something new to Manchester whilst staying true to the city’s past: “For me the whole concept of 1761 is something from Manchester, in Manchester, for Manchester. It’s not cheesy or themed, but about creating a real feeling of pride and warmth for this city.”

The new restaurant and bar will open their doors to the public on Monday 13 November.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant