Power UP festival celebrates 40 years of gaming

If you yearn for the days of 8-bit gaming you’ll be pleased to hear that Power UP festival is returning to Manchester.

The hands-on celebration of the best video games and consoles from the past 40 years will take place at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry from 11-28 August 2017.

In addition to chronicling the history of the gaming industry from console to console the event will always be an opportunity to play games from Pong and Pacman to Tomb Raider, Golden Eye 007 and Halo.

Whether you're a family dropping in for a 90-minute session, a seasoned gamer making the most of a full day pass or a night owl visiting the adult-only evening sessions, it promises to be a gamer’s dream.

Tickets from £5.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant