Oxford Road is closed today – see the route’s transformation

Oxford Road is closed today at the junction with Booth Street for one day only for works.

The transformation of one of Manchester’s most recognisable roads, and one of Europe’s busiest bus routes, is now considered a more pleasant and greener environment for everyone.

Transport for Greater Manchester have produced an animated video highlighting some of the things that have changed over the last few years.

As well as wider pavements, you’ll notice new ‘Dutch-style’ cycle lanes now run on either side of the road as well as behind each bus stop.

Each bus stop has a cycle bypass lane which features a zebra crossing, so when getting to or from your stop please wait for cyclists to stop at the zebra before stepping out, just as you would wait for traffic at any other crossing like this.

General traffic is now prohibited from traveling through new ‘bus gates’ on Oxford Road, which restrict access to sections of the corridor between Hathersage Road and Portland Street. These gates are in force between 6am and 9pm, 7 days a-week and make traveling by bus, cycle and on foot easier and quicker.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant