Take part in Manchester’s innovative cycling project

A new project is looking for volunteers to help the city to identify and prioritise investments in cycling infrastructure. A total of 180 riders will be given heavily discounted, high-tech bike lights for £10 (RRP £79.99). with the anonymised data they produced contributing to ideas for better routes, racks and safety measures.

The See.Sense project will gather data on various aspects of a cyclist’s journey, from the quality of the road surface through to the space afforded by passing cars. BT and CityVerve – the UK’s UK’s smart cities demonstrator, based in Manchester – will then turn this data into policies and practical solutions to boost the number of cyclists across the city.

The trial will run from the 14th of August for the duration of the CityVerve Project.  You can apply to take part via the link below.


Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant