5,000 cyclists now using Oxford Road daily

The number of people cycling on the Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road Cycleway has surpassed a significant landmark.

Digital ‘totem-pole’ cycle counters, installed on either side near to the junction with Denmark Road on 22 September 2016, have recorded more than 5,000 bikes a day on 12 occasions since the landmark was first reached on Monday 25 September.

A record count of 5,803 was recorded on Tuesday 3 October.

The counters, which are the first of their kind in Greater Manchester, were unveiled on both sides of Oxford Road, close to the old St Mary’s Hospital, as part of Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM’s) Cycle City programme.

They allow people to see the number of bikes that have passed the counter that day along with an annual cumulative count.

Sensors embedded in the cycle track and along the main carriageway detect passing bikes which are then added to the count.

The data from the digital display counters on Oxford Road can be checked on the Eco Counters website where it can be compared to other cities with similar counters across the world.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant