Ancoats General Store set for Brooklyn Brewery takeover

Friday 6 September (5pm-10pm)
Ancoats General Store



Manchester’s podcasting station MCR Live has teamed up New York’s finest export Brooklyn Brewery for a free new event at Ancoats General Store.

Promising a great start to the weekend on Friday 8 September, The Shop Party will mix some of Manchester’s best DJs with beer, fun, and games provided by Brooklyn Brewery at everyone’s favourite next-gen corner store.

Hosted at Ancoats General Store, the café will be your ticket to a fine selection of street food from around the world.

The beer will be provided by Brooklyn Brewery, who will be offering free samples, sharing their unrivalled beer, and putting on games including ‘Beat the Brewery’ to win prizes.

Working with the ‘Brooklyn’ theme, MCR Live will be bringing the noise to the Shop Party with DJ sets from Ad Hoc Records’ Taurtollo and Better Days’ Pablo Blanquito and Chris E.


Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant