Afflecks Palace comes to the rescue of Big Horn

The Northern Quarter’s Big Horn sculpture is set to return to Tib street following long-held doubts about its future.

The much-loved sculpture was rumoured to be moving to one of the city’s university campuses since disappearing in August, however it has now been confirmed that the sculpture will return to the Northern Quarter - over the entrance of Afflecks Palace.

The 10m tall artwork was created by Cornish artist David Kemp is displayed on the remains of a Victorian hat-making factory. It has gained cult status over the years, acting as an unofficial gateway to the Northern Quarter. The artist prefers to keep the inspiration behind the sculpture a mystery:

“It's not really a saxophone, nor a dragon, coiled on the gothic stump of a Victorian hat factory. Perhaps it's a listening device, filtering the left-over sounds from the street corner below, where the past bumps into the future, shooting the lights.”

That site it sits on is currently undergoing redevelopment, as local billionaire bookie Fred Done creates 183 new apartments.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant