New project explores Women, Fashion & Identity

Monday 28 August (10am-12pm)



PLANT invites you to explore the intersections between women, identity, and clothing through a series of workshops.

But first, the opening event this coming Bank Holiday Monday brings everyone together to find out what you want out of the project. Do you want to learn about print design for textiles? Do you want to share a skill? Do you wish to use the sewing machines in the workshop? Do you want to printmake? The choices are there to be discussed and the practical workshops are here to be visited and tested-out.

For one day, PLANT will be transformed into The Dressing Room: a space for women to talk about and explore self-expression, style, art, and creativity.

Organisers are asking everyone to wear or bring along an item of clothing that is important to them or may hold a particular memory. A photograph of the item may also be used.

After the initial group chats a lunch will be served to fuel another round of conversations, where you will have the opportunity to talk about your own personal style, and what shaped or influenced it.

Please note this is a women only event, with the men's programme starting early 2018.


Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant