Explore the wonders of science at The Scienceworks

Thursday, 19 October to Sunday, 29 October
The Printworks



The wait is nearly over – Manchester Science Festival 2017 is due to start this week, with 100 events including a library of fake news, an exploration of the human voice and an immersive insight into forensic science.

The Printworks is holding its own fringe programme, featuring a different dose of fun every day of the festival. Discover why The Printworks sits on the old Balloon Lane, why bees are so important in our environment, make your own 7-second video, the powers of potatoes and the science behind a game of football.

Headlining the main festival programme will be the blockbuster exhibition Robots, which explores humans’ 500-year quest to recreate themselves in robotic form, the immersive spiderweb experience Tape and Tomorrow’s World Live, looking at where the robot revolution will take us next.

Tape, by award-winning artists Numen/For Use will transform the 1830 Warehouse at the Museum of Science and Industry into a giant spider’s web made from sticky tape, where visitors can climb through a translucent “stretched biomorphic skin” strung above the ground and crawl along winding networks of cocooning passageways.

Also in the programme is A Grand Exposition, a four-day celebration of the region’s diverse community of artists, makers and creative technologists, and Electrifying the Voice, on an exploration of the workings of the voice and how it can be adapted to different styles that will also be part of the BBC’s nationwide Opera Passion event.

There are a host of immersive experiences to enjoy, including Aeon: Patient X, a new theatre experience blending real science, augmented reality and a smartphone app to guide participants through the event, uncovering viral traces and working their way towards the source of the contagion: Patient X.

And in CSI Manchester visitors can explore where science meets criminal justice and even take part in a mock trial where they are the jury and must interpret the forensic evidence correctly or risk convicting an innocent man. Experiments get explosive at Quantum of Science, while things that rain down from the sky is the subject of Meteorites and Fireballs.


Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant