Pioneering virtual reality experiences comes to Printworks

The VR Den
9-11 November 2017
The Printworks




Lose yourself in three days of virtual reality when the VR Den descends on The Printworks later this month.

The latest in VR technology will be touring Greater Manchester kicking off at The Printworks. In a UK premiere, participants will be harnessed into a giant machine which surrounds the gamer allowing them to move-freely on an omnidirectional treadmill as they walk, run, crawl, sit and jump their way around the world inside the VR headset.

Company director Piotr Kotlarek hopes to inspire a healthy appetite for future technologies to the people of Manchester.  He said; “I am excited to bring this latest technology to The Printworks that until yesterday was considered science fiction.”

The VR experience will be at The Printworks between 12-8pm Thursday 9, Friday 10 and Saturday 11 November. It will be based on a first come, first served basis though bookings may be made with the team on the day.

The cost ranges from £10-£14 for a ten minute experience.

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant