Independent review on Arena attack seeks victims’ voices

People caught up in the devastating attack on the Manchester Arena in May will be at the heart of an independent review of the incident.

Lord Bob Kerslake was appointed as chair of the review by the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham in July and will lead a panel looking at how prepared the city was and how it responded to the atrocity.

Four further experts have now been appointed to the panel, which is expected to publish its initial findings in January 2018, with a final report and any recommendations expected a few months later in April.

In commissioning the review, the Mayor said:

“I set out my intention to put those affected by the attack at the forefront of the review when I appointed Lord Kerslake to lead it and I wholeheartedly believe he has all the right experience and knowledge to ensure it is done.
“There were thousands who were affected in some way by this terrible, terrible event. I see that a key part of the role of the chair is to make sure that their voices are heard as part of this review. They will have insights and ideas that won’t necessarily be available to the emergency services.”

The panel is expected to open a six week window at the beginning of October when anyone affected by the attack, including the families of the 22 people who lost their lives and those who were injured, will be able to provide information from their point of view. Emergency services staff will also be able to provide an opinion if they wish.

Lord Kerslake added: “I am determined to make sure everyone who wishes to contribute information, evidence or comment generally on their experience of that night or the days after is able to. There will be a number of key lines of enquiry established to help us get to the facts of what happened before we’re able to properly understand how prepared we were and whether we could have done better. If the latter is true it’s important we’re able to make recommendations about lessons that need to be learned for the future.”

Stuart Goulden

Lead Consultant