OtherWorld is an experiment to engage a new generation of people in local news.

We're doing so by trialing a highly agile and contextual type of story built for mobile. Using cutting-edge beacon technology we are able to update stories in real-time and beam them to people's mobile phones nearby. It's something we're calling 'living media'.

We're currently piloting OtherWorld in Manchester (UK) but its impact is far wider.


What can I expect?



Imagine news that stops you in your tracks in the street and feeds you stories relevant to your current location. News that breathes new life into the world immediately around you and adds something special to your day. News that is free from the treadmill of traditional news cycles and sources of revenue. News that you are better placed to act upon.

This kind of news doesn’t rely on an app to be pre-installed or social network loaded up. It doesn’t need to resort to clickbait to trick people into reading it or intrusive adverts to pay for itself. Gone are the days when stories are devoured without an accompanying real-world experience.


Who is behind OtherWorld?



OtherWorld is an experiment by Stuart Goulden and his start-up studio Like No Other, backed by Google’s Digital News Initiative. We're also collaborating with some fantastic content partners, including the likes of...